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Jacques of Quebec, Canada
I discovered this album in MP3, and after listening to it, my conclusion is wow, very wow! What is this beautiful and fabulous bootleg live album. Because this bootleg is really fantastic for me ; David Gogo for me is one of my best blues guitar player of the world with the Jeff Healey, Steve Lukather, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more... I very and absolutely need to buy this CD eventually. You are fantastic !
Edith Chang of Canada
Love this site, as well as Gogo's music. xx Edith :)
Patricia Trendall of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Please come to Kelowna and play at the Blue Gator the closest you'll get to home town and adsvertise Kelowna is so white bread need some soul please and thank you
Denise Claveau of Québec, Canada
Je t'ai vu samedi le 28 avril 2012 à La Chapelle de Vanier, Québec, Great Great show.....I hope see you again....
Dan of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Great stuff here guys! Cheers Dan from todaystoronto.com
Ed Ralston of Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada
Caught your show @ Crofton Pub April 7 Great venue and great performance as always. Picked up a copy of Soulbender and gave a listen on the way home. As my 8 year old grandson would say, GOOD JOB (with 2 thumbs up)
Erick Thompson of Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
Great to see you again David. Hope you're enjoying Los Angeles.
Sherri S. of Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
David, thank you for stopping in Grand Forks & performing for us. First time seeing you and I must say I am looking forward to another visit. All the best at the Juno Awards!! - your newest fan, Sherri :) p.s. thank you for taking a few moments for some picture taking & an autograph, much appreciated!!
Shirley of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Happy birthday David to you and me on Sunday!
Len Boser of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Was blown away!
Fantastic cd
There's gonna be a STAR on my sidewalk of fame, named after you!
yur pal len
Sheldon Stuttard of Merritt, British Columbia, Canada
Show kicked ass! No surprise there! Nice chatting with you for a couple of minutes. Wow...BIG sound, BIG grooves, BIG stories and BIG jokes...what more can you say??? Loved it. Thanks for such a great, intimate show, David.
Sheldon Stuttard of Merritt, British Columbia, Canada
Can't wait to see the show in Merritt tonight! It's been a number of years since I saw you play live but I've seen you a few times in Sasktatoon (starting back in '93/'94?), then in Nanaimo and a few in Vancouver. I'm stoked for the acoustic show! See you there (I'll be wearing Bruins hat...sorry, Man...NOT a Habs fan). LOLOL
David Gogo of Somewhere in Canada
Hey, Buddy! Good to hear from you, pal!! Keep spankin' that plank!!
Buddy Whittington of questionable repute,
Hope all is swangin'! Keep knockin' 'em inna haid up thar Dave!
kofcake of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Congrats on the Juno nom! Guess you'll be in Ottawa early April?? We'll start baking!
David Gogo of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
PTRENDALL of British Columbia, Canada
Dave of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Would love to see you on this coast sometime. Best of luck in 2012!
Kevin Kennedy of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
I hope you get to the east coast in 2012, specifically in Halifax, it'd be great to see and hear you live. Thanks. -Kevin K.
Louie Cupello of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Hi David, first saw you perform at the Thunder Bay Bluesfest AWESOME is the only word to describe your set; saw you again in Cranbrook at Key City Theatre Oct 2011; I am one of the many volunteers at the theatre and we spoke briefly after your set which I enjoyed TREMENDOUSLY....Hope to see you again soon
Gerrit Hofmeijer of Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Hi David, Do you still remember the Harley Davidson Day 2010 in Apeldoorn. I was your stage-manager. I'm listening your album Vibe at the moment. You are one of my guitar heroes! Hope to see and hear you soon. I've no travels planned to Canada/USA at the moment, but still intend to see you ever on Vancouver Island. regards, Gerrit
David Munroe of Manitoba, Canada
...was real nice to catch your gig at the Pyramid with Johnny Winter and chat with you. An incredibly great show.
Mike of Alberta, Canada
Great show with Johnny Winter in Lloyd last night. Especially enjoyed your version of Dallas.
Kerry of Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
Johnny Winter AND David Gogo !! Can't do much better than that. Awesome acoustic. Hope you come thru again some day. I won't miss it.
Rick of Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
Saw David last night while he was touring with Johnny Winter, here in Lloydminster. What a show !! David was fabulous.
Don of Trail, British Columbia, Canada
Great show in Trail. Please do come back at some time in the future.
Wayne of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Thanks for the great performance in Cranbrook on 12 Oct. '11 My only regret is that you didn't do the entire show instead of just opening for JW. Please come back soon.
Gail of Trail, British Columbia, Canada
Awesome show Tuesday night in Trail David. Just finished ordering some CDs from Amazon so I can continue to hear your music. Hope you return. Peace and Light and keep playin those BLUES.
Brandi Gademans of Trail, British Columbia, Canada
Saw the show in Trail last night...AWESOME...saw David once befroe in Grande Prairie, AB but this was the best...ears are still ringing
Marius of Leiden, The Netherlands
Hi David, you've played 300 pound shoes for me at Zaandam, 2 years ago. Hope that you have it on your setlist on October 15th at Wijk bij Duurstede! See you there!
Noel of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Hey David, met at Dan Englund's in Prince George years ago. You used the ivory whaletooth slide in the lounge thing up there. Any way, I've got front row in Kelowna. I'm in Vernon now. Dan's not too far away either. Anyway, cya in ktown get ready to remember the blues club haha cheers. Noel
Jay Newsham of Rocky Mtn House, Alberta, Canada
Fantastic show @ Labatts Blues Festival!! See you in Red Deer with Johnny Winter!
Cynthia Low of Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
Great performance at the Nanaimo Blues Festival! Fabulous band and most entertaining as always! I still host house concerts in Port Alberni if ever interested in an acoustic show. Cheers
Alan Nabi of Rideau Ferry, Ontario, Canada
Hey David… thanks for the great shows in:
1. Constance Bay - where you whipped us into a frenzy before Johnny, and
2. Calabogie Bluesfest - where you confirmed that inside or outside you are one of the best live acts to see, bar none!
Can't wait for the next one. Cheers
Terry of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Great set Friday nite in Picton. Grabbed your new CD "Soul Bender"... WOW BLEW ME AWAY! Great production, great tunes... thanks David
Kirk Mandy of Woodlawn, Ontario, Canada
Hey David, thanks for coming to the Bay Aug 4th. By all measures it was a rocking good time. Nothing but positive feedback from everyone for you, Walt and Johnny. Thanks for keeping the blues alive! Let's do it again soon. Best, Kirk
Robert Daoust of Quebec, Canada
Dave, I sure had a wonderful time last night in Constance Bay. Great place, great people, great show! You and band RAWKED!! The band, as usual, was excellent!! Another great guitar player who as walked this earth! Robert
Andy Glavac of Welland, Ontario, Canada
David, great show in Mont Tremblant, thanks for signing my CD's. See you in Niagara in August
Greg Stolz of South Wellington, British Columbia, Canada
David Awesome new record!! So glad that you put yo mojo back in this new release. Tried and trues brings the best of your blues.
Bob Moscatelly of Thurso, Quebec, Canada
I have one complaint about your shows... NOT ENOUGH F...ING GUITAR!
...kidding. I loved your show at the Rainbow last March and will be back for your show in July.
Giddy as a schoolgirl thinking about it... kidding again hehe...
Janice & Steve of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Thank you for Skeleton Key. I walked down the isle on my wedding day in Las Vegas to your song! Thus the email address. They video'd the our wedding and I can't tell you how many people asked about your music!! Cheers~ and here's to great music!
Martin Oldfield of Comox, British Columbia, Canada
DG T-Shirt mojo I've worn the shirt for all Canuks home games, it's 3 and 0. Do you think I should try it for game 6?????
Ken Oblak of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Will be picking up your new cd at the record store to-morrow. Soul Bender. This is Terry Carter country but I am rying to spread the word about how great you are. It will be ny 3rd cd, I enjoyed the cut She's Breaking Through Boys' my grandfather worked in that mine, but must've been off that shift. Looking forward to coming out to the festival in nanaimo in august and catching you live.
Lou-Lou of Closer to the Peg on the Ontario side, Canada
Greetings M. Gogo Just received your new (autographed) CD Soul Bender in the mail the other day, loving it, nice to hear the ol?/new Gogo is in fine form indeed! Two songs that I really like are Slow it down and Do you know how it feels! Wonderful to listen to and your cover of Michael Jackson is quite refreshing to hear! To all the 2011 Stanley Cup hockey fans-?Get used to this phrase: how could both referees have missed that??- Mike Brophy-
Terry Evans of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I bought it on iTunes...I couldn't wait for you to mail it to me...There is a postal strike right now you knucklegump! Send 2 copies for each of the boys in DRT. They're so pleased and proud to have spent the time with you...You are the best-despite your favourite hockey team...
Shari from Ginas of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Hey David... just heard your interview on the Shore May 30 and loved the Michael Jackson cover - "The Way You Make Me Feel"... Super good and also one of your tunes can't remember but something about LOVE xoxxoxoxox Shari xoxoxoxxo
Mike Oatway of Constance Bay, Ontario, Canada
Right on Dave!!!!! i noticed the Constance Bay Gig!! Cant wait. No Calabogie 13-14 Aug / Dawg thing?
Sylvain Beauchamp of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
David, you da man! Playin` slide guitar with a beer bottle. Old school, and rarely seen and heard riffs. Thanks for keepin`real music in the marketplace. ...and say a big Hi to a very cool guy, your old man.
Tom Brown of Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada
Although I've enjoyed David's music throughout his releases, I never read his bio; he is yet another great Canadian talent. Enjoyed playing your stuff, last night.
Mariëlla Tirotto of Roosendaal, the Netherlands
Hi David I'm a big fan of your music, so is the rest of my band. We play original material as well as our favourit songs from other musicians. One of them is your song "Gunslinger", it's so much fun playing it! http://www.youtube.com/user/womeyes#p/f/0/HHN4rReegN0 I hope you enjoy our version of this great song :-) All the best from the Netherlands, Mariëlla Mariëlla Tirotto & the Blues Federation 0031 (0)165 553 613 info@tirottoblues.eu www.tirottoblues.eu www.myspace.com/tirottoblueseu http://twitter.com/BluesFederation
Jamie McCormick of Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
I saw you briefly at Harpos Cabaret in Victoria a long time ago. I really don't remember much from that night other than an incredible guitar player named David Gogo. In the fall of 2010 I saw you with Johnny Winter. I was amazed with your talent and your love for the blues. I spoke with you after the show and asked if you would perform at my 50th birthday. What an amazing performance in my living room with my freinds and family, and what a great party! Thank You David! I saw you recently at the Eagle Ridge Centre in Langford with your band. Your talent on the electric guitar really blew me away! You are certainly one of the best! Looking forward to seeing you again! Jamie
Martin Flame of Canada
Thanks for the great site. Good job.
Debbie of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
David is the best Blues player this world have ever seen and heard.
Sharon L Christenson of Morinville, Alberta, Canada
Regarding DRT of St.Albert - Riley is my Grandson - Thanks so much for the work you did with the kids while you were in Edmonton and with Terry Evans (my son) Looking forward to your new album and hearing the song you did with them.
Fan of 6 Hours From Nordiques Nation, Canada
When's the new album out? Go Habs Go!
Robert & Christina of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
We thoroughly enjoyed hearing you play in Langford, about an hour ago. We just can't figure why there were so few people there. I would love to hear you play "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues" again..... Cheers
Sanny van Ginkel of Wijk Bij Duurstede, Netherlands
Saturday 5th of February we had a great evening in café 'de Noot'in a warming atmosphere in Hoogland. We already had four albums and were very lucky to attent your performance and meet you and Shania personal in Chemainus in September 2010. It was a warm welcome here in Holland! We wish you all the luck of the world and will follow your carriere. Big hug and till the next time. Sanny and Maarten
McDunn of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
David, I see all these wonderful comments about the Europe tour. I really wish that someone in your entourage would see that the US needs a tour of David too!
Stephane of Bruxelles, Belgium
Many thanks for your concert this monday 30th of january at the "spirit of 66" in Verviers , it was , as usual , wonderfull !!! You're one of the best guitar player in the world for me ! Do we have a chance to see you in Brussels ????
Karin of Kriessern, Switzerland
thank you for the wonderful concert @ Grütli the club in Rüthi/Switzerland. I hope you will never forget the "Schnitzel" - and your signature on our CD "love, sex and rock'n'roll"
Mario of Varsseveld, Netherlands
Mr Gogo, thanks for the great gig at the Westendorp Bluesnight. See ya in Apeldoorn Friday.
Gert & Mario
Vaughn Cadney of Alliston, Ontario, Canada
Hope to see you in the Alliston, Barrie area some time soon.
Dave Marshall of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
So when do we get to see you down here in the NE US David? Check out the World Cafe Live here in Philly for a great venue! Dave
Renate Mahnkopf of Sellstedt, Germany
Hi David, this evening i saw you in Bremen /Meisenfrei. It was so wonderful to here you and so i hope you come back to Bremen with your new album. many greatings to you and your band. Renate from Germany
Horst Maronde of Bremen, Germany
Haben Dich soeben im Meisenfrei gesehen. Tolles Konzert. Leider war der Laden nicht voll. Man kannes nicht verstehen bei solch einem Supermusiker.
Gordon C Gogo of Hamilton Ontario, Canada
sure would like to hear from you as i know your a busy guy. take some time to throw me a hello.we just might be related.there is a few gogos still around in the hamilton and st.catharins area. still dont know what type of music you play. gordon c gogo
Eofcake of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
You need new road notes... it's been a year! Merry Ho Ho to you and yours!
Habs fan forever! of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Mmm, Island Boy # 2 was traded to Colorado- perhaps the # 3 was not lucky enough for him- I miss Halak! Oh well, have a good safe trip in Atlantic Canada- the timing seems right- Go Habs GO! AK #46- the sniper- "...play hard go to the net" - The PH D line is not the solution... When the D men score, the system is not working...only time will tell- Remember real women know their hockey!
Toby Nilsson of Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
It has been sometime since I saw you last and i am extremely happy for your success , you are hard working dedicated guy . I sat and listened to your C.D.'s a couple days ago over and over again , especially Vibe Bare Bones and your version of It is a man's world . Slick as shit Dave , keep up the good work , it makes me want to work harder on my artwork . Check it out on Leslie Alexander's re release of her first album Bird in the House with her hubby John Ellis . Once again keep up the good work and may you never stop learning ! ciaou toby
Jayne of Nanaino, British Columbia, Canada
Love your stuff, and your take on Personal Jesus.
David Bates of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I saw the show at the port theatre and enjoyed every moment of it.Good old Johnny Winter.To bad the sound technician didn't bring up his vocals or bring down the drums a bit.I didn't get a chance to thank your dad or mom for the lovely dinner they treated me to but I was busy performing C.P.R on a fellow who had collapsed in the lobby after the show.You knocked em dead.(sic) I look forward to seeing you soon.Yale perhaps?
Dinah D of Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada
Looking forward to having you play on Gabriola Island, in my living room! Tickets are already selling like greasy hotcakes. It'll be a gas!
Corey Wilcox of Niagara on The Lake, Ontario, Canada
Great show at the Canal Bank Shuffle. Thanks for playing Louisiana Blues for the enchore as requested. Really dug the tone of that Flying V. See at the Duck next month.
Scott Kellam of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Had a great time at the Blues festival in Thorold, Ontario last night - David's band was on fire... great show! Will definitely look you guys up when you come back to town... peace!
Rejean Henry of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Great show at Tucsons on Friday. Hope you got all your guitars fixed. Keep on rockin. Come back soooon!!! Next time bring your GRETSCH's.
Alain Villeneuve of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Hi, I have seen you at le festival de blues del'île d'Orléans, preceeding Coco Montoya. You were the main act. Will see you at Tucson next week.
Janice Richards of Sailboat, Canada
Hey there Dave, Havent seen you down aisle 9 in Thrifty's for an age. Guess Your Busy. ;)
Steph of Canada
Come see u @ Rondevous Nov 7 be there
Gary Mons of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Thank you for your slide guitar workshop Oct 3/10. I really needed the encouragement to continue Slide Guitar, and I can't think of anybody better.
Christina Andersen of Youbou, British Columbia, Canada
Was at Saltair last week - great show with Auntie Kate and Uncles of Funk. You ROCK DAVE! Thanks for signing my Bud sweat shirt at the Crofton Hote. Jimmy Page and I were in total awe with you and Johnny Winter Legend of Blues. Thanks once again for the great memories.... Chrissy & Jimmy Page (aka)Tim
John of Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
Saw the Port Theatre show last night. I enjoyed your part, good tunes and presentation - you were the show. I walked out on Johnny Winter - just a lot of loud noise. I could see his hands and knew what he was doing but he was totally drowned out by the back up guitar and drum. I could not hear a single word of the lyrics...still do not know what tunes he was playing. Just crap.
Brian of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Great show last nite! It was a thrill to see Johnny Winter live too. You're an awesome talent in your own right. We'll be sure to see you again.
Patricia Garner (Ed Garner's daughter) of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Hey David, I was just listening to "The Sin of Being Me" today and thought of you!
Frank of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Saw and heard you for the first time last night when you opened for Johnny Winter. You were great! Very entertaining. I hope you come back to Vancouver soon.
Shagnasty of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Just caught your opening for Johnny Winter in North Van, loved it. Hope someone is opening for you soon!
Michael Anderson of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
David, I just heard "Love in the City" for the first time this morning. Are you really saying "Funkadelic's overrated"? Better be ironic, boy. You don't want to go there, believe me - not till you have Eddie Hazel's chops or Clinton's songwriting genius.
David Gogo replies: "Thanks for the advice, boy!"
Kim of Alberta, Canada
I can NOT wait to see you in concert on Aug 12th. It will be the experience of my LIFE! I can't wait, I love DAVID GOGO and his MUSIC!!!!......David GOGO, Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my dancing shoes all ready to go.
Graham Scott of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I caught your set at the Rareearth Festival this weekend. I was there performing with my band: Sam and Luke, as well as Matt Harwood-Jones. I really enjoyed your talent and your showmanship. Thank you for an excellent performance.
Angela Norris - Hogan of Oregon, USA
Hey Dave. Just checking out your site and wanted to say hi. How's your little one doing? Must be getting big! Last time I saw you, you were showing me the tiny snakeskin(?) cowboy boots! Looks like your career is going well. How's your health and happiness? Hope you are well. Write to say hi if you ever get a chance. Ang
Kathy of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
Hey dave you probably dont remember me from cedar junior secondary. Nice too see you follow your dreams. I would love to see you in concert.
Tex Frezell of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Hey David...we met at the tavern near the blues fest in Winthrop Washington a few years ago and spoke at length about Fergie, Lloyd Gilmour and your guitar signed by BB and the Habs....when you come to Vernon, let me know by email if you want a quiet lunch by the lake prior to your appearance, I'll show my auto Ferguson #22 jersey (Lafleur's too) and take you to the show in my Mustang convert...take care, hope to see you ....Tex Frezell
John Mainville of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA
Just bought Dine Under the Stars and Live at Deer Lake, Great blues, So why don't you cross over the border and play in Wisconsin as I'd love to see you live.
Jeff Naylor of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Things sure have changed since the days at the Queen's. European tours, radio shows, not bad for a guy from the Island. Keep on rockin that guitar brother. Hope to catch one of your shows on the island soon.
Gordon Gogo of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
trying to trace my family roots my father was sidney gogo from st,catharines ontario.have you any ties with that end of town.who was your father; my dad is buried in st,catharines [victoria lawn cemetary] in 1958.my dad was also a rum runner for rocco perri ,he also had a son john and kenneth. maybe you know of that ,if not the gogo name still remains a secret.but it dont hurt to ask stay in touch if you can, gordon gogo
Cake of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hey David...missing you here in O-town, the Bow has a TBA for Saturday, July 16th, during Bluesfest....maybe you could swing by and entertain us!
Karen of Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada
Last night (June 12th) at Joe Garage was fabulous! Always great to see you David and glad you do the small venues - quite the change from Ottawa Blues Fest '05! You only get better. Karen & Randy
Cathy Salvo of British Columbia, Canada
Love it Love it Love it
Lionchaser of Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada
June 11/10 Great show, never heard of you before last night, glad we attended. Sorry about the poor turn out. People in our town suck. You are up there with the greatest guitarists, the drummer & bass player were very respectable as well. thanx Bill & Nicole
Colin of Sydney, NSW, Australia
Really like your album Bare Bones - thanks for your superb blues voice and guitar. Best regards Colin
Ted of Ontario, Canada
Keep the hits coming and would like to suggest new material in memory of our fallen solders, a piece done by you would sound pretty damb fantastic. thanks
Tom of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Hello David,
This was maybe the tenth times that I saw you live and kicking. But to be honest, I never, ever saw and hear a better redition of Hoocie Hoochie man before. Finally you had a bigger crowd in Apeldoorn than you ever had before. Maybe because it was a free concert........haha.
Thanks for a kick ass time, Tom
Erich K of Scandia, MN, USA
Dude, Any chance of seeing you in Minnesota again. Saw you at the Bayfront Blue Fest a few years ago, became fan and haven't seen you since. What gives??
Sylvana van Hoften of Deventer, Netherlands
Hi David, I saw you today on the 6th Harley Davidson Day in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. You are great and thanks for the music! Good luck with the new album! Have a great time here! Greetz from Sylvana xoxoxo
Bobby Clarke of Philly, USA
hey ya Fat Fuck ...hows the new runners workin out for you ? habs blow ... take care
André of Lille, France
Merci pour l'excellent concert du 22 mai 2010 à Palluel
Michele Taschuk of British Columbia, Canada
Hey David, Love your music. Hopefully I can see you again, maybe at Michael's one day. Living up here in the Nelson area, everyone is coming out in July. You should come and relax, Mike and you can take the horses for a ride. Heather always says HI Love Michele
Greatest Habs fan ever! of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Sweet! Habs are in ! GO HABS GO! NEED I write anything else!? Oh yeah, happy golf season Laffs- ;-) I no miss Komi either- GO HABS GO! # 74 le bon, beau Serge et # 46 Big Brother Andrei- ;-)
Howie of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Great concert last night and just enjoying, Different Views, right now. Fantastic! Very Proud of the positive messages in the songs as well as the diversity in the tunes. Thanks Dave.
Bjorn of HC, The Netherlands
Just heard one of your songs on a Blues Radio, had to call them to ask which song. They told me it was David Gogo's Blues medley. What a great tone, smashing great intro with a wah-wah solo... WHAT A TONE BABY! I'd sell my soul for that tone ;) Sounds like single coil / p90 ? is it the goldtop or a strat?
Robert of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
DAVE : as mentionned, quite a list of songs played the other night at Le Petit Chicago in Gatineau ,keep Death Letter (what a Great new version).And the back-up singer.AWESOME !!..Adios..Might as well add :Sad and Beautiful ,maybe next time ,a super original.
CAKE of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thanks again for last night....that has to go in the setlist from now on! Luv yas!
Greatest Habs fan ever! of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Go Habs GO! Loved that little talk with Halak, made such a difference with the k boys! ;-) Bell Center all sold out for the last remaining Habs games- oh well, will have to get playoff tickets instead! I'm lovin'it! Go Habs GO! PS Sens tickets are on sale, only time Scotia Bank fills up is with Habs or Leafs fans- true story! On Y Croit! # 74 Le Beau bon Serge and # 46 Big brother Andrei- Go Habs GO!
Mark of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Look fwd to seeing you next week at little Chicago! Im think it might almost be your birthday then too.,cake may have something for you. lol Mark
Greatest Habs fan ever! of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Yo a la gogo, the Habs are playing on March 31.10- what are you doing playing in Gatineau, Quebec at the same time! ;-) I suppose I should thanx Alex for that! Don't bother to reply, you never do- Go Habs Go!
Erin of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Hi David. I just saw your concert last night in Prince George. It was absolutely amazing. I'm looking forward to the next PG engagement!
Ed: Watch for Gogo to appear again in Price George in September. This time we hope to have his full band with him. Keep watching this website for details...
Kristine Henning aka Dee-Dee of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Hey there David Gogo, I am really disappointed that I was unable to see your concert in PG Feb 20! Your show really sells out fast!! Just wanted to say HI and I love your music and the memories of the good old days...Commercial Drive, the Town Pump and of course Trasa H.
Jeff of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hey Dave, I saw a poster with your mug on it saying your coming to Edmonchuk in March. You better bring it BITCH!
Scotty O'Brien of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Hey man, I just saw you are comin to Vernon! I don't know if ya remember me. I was the manager at Peoples Pub way back - played ya some Cadillac Tramps. Anyways I will see you in Vernon Aug 7!
Debbie Richards of Ontario, Canada
Saw you at the Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa last year (09)...What an awesome night that was...Can't wait to see ya again...
Erich Kertzscher of Minnesota, United States
Saw you at the Bayfront Blues Fest a few years ago. You rocked the place and I became a fan. Any thoughts of coming down south for a visit? St. Paul Minneapolis area would rap their arms around you. Cheers Erich Kertzscher Scandia MN
Charity Fraser-Doyle of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
David! Its been to long, when are you gonna play a show in Calgary? Soon I hope :0)
Nadia Shiers of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
7 more sleeps! Cannot wait to see & hear ya at Music by the Bay on January 22 - WOO HOO! ! It's been far too long!
Raymond Walton of Nottingham, United Kingdom
David, I just heard some of your great music on Napster, you are a truly gifted player, come to the uk soon !! cheers ray w
Lisa Holly of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
David Gogo! You used to play somewhere along side the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir at the Queens Hotel in Nanaimo! I used to work at the Foundry Pub when it first opened! I am far from that lifestyle today and proud that your music appeared on the music channel on Shaw TV! Kindest Regards, Lisa Holly Ed: Personal information removed for security reasons.
Paul Rodgers of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Hey Dave ... just received an email re your show down in Chemainus ... and ... also just left a msg on your ans machine. As I said - it's funny .... I was just thinking of you yesterday/last night and what should appear in my inbox but a notification re this upcoming show. {I'm on your email list} anyway ... as i also said ... if I don't see you over the holidays, all the best to you and yours and hope to see you soon! Paul Rodgers, Nanaimo.
Will of Oslo, Norway
Saw this video with you playing "Hug you, squeeze you" at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2007. Great playing, just wondering what guitar you're using?
Ed: David says he is playing a Gibson L-Junior from somewhere around 1920. Gracias, Will!!
Jan Stephens of British Columbia, Canada
Hey dude!! Great stuff....your sis has her own website now and we have linked to you.....cheers Jan
ROBERT of Gatineau, Canada
YESSIR! DAVE and Band rocked ,Montreal last night.Playing lots of new material from the latest Cd.The crowd loved it.looking forward to 2010 !!
Lloyd of Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Headin to Gravenhurst to see you! Never seen ya but have all your cds and I know it's gonna be an awesome nite! rock on! Lloyd
Bob Walker of Ontario, Canada
Truly enjoy your guitar playing. Hope to see you live when next you're in Toronto
David K of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Some years ago I emailed your father a bootlegged Commercial Hotel Nanaimo live performance (rumor has it you were under aged). Did he ever get it?
Nancy of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
David, your new website is fantastic, you rocked while in Edmonton here at the Festival, when are you coming back?
Shane Freeman of Winchester, Ontario, Canada
Hey man, glad to see you are coming back to Ottawa. I have to catch up on the new album you just released. I need some new picks, too. Giver!!
Rod Sauer of Errington, British Columbia, Canada
Hey great show last night, everyone was dance from song one, until the end. It was a blast doing sound for you, with Bege! Hope Sunday night will be a blast for you!
Ann Hansen of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
If you aren't, you ought to be Entertainer of the Year.

I was at the Rhumba Room tonight and promised myself to sign this so you have something to read.

Your stage presence was genuine and incredibly professional for a guy with a bottle opener bolted to his guitar.Your vocals were so tight. Your guitar playing? Well what could I possibly say that hasn't already been said much more eloquently than I could. I don't know why I haven't heard more of you but I guarantee I will and so will hundreds that I talk to online. Already sold one of your albums and I have only been home an hour. Great meeting you and no doubt will again. Travel safe and happy.
xo Ann

Pete Mathews of British Columbia, Canada
Thanks for Rockin out at Joe's Garage David. See you Next time.
Brenda Rogers of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Love the sounds on Different Views. Hope to add it to my CD collection soon. Also I've been a fan since about 2000. I know I'll catch your show again.
Kitty of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Love your music. I need to get Different Views as soon as I can.
MaryD of West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
I love the new look. Awesome! Hope that one of those gigs ends up in Pittsburgh!
Barbara & Ton of Weert, Netherlands
Gogogogogogo for it David.... Thanks for the awesome gig at the Bluesrock Festival @ Tegelen. We hope to come to Oosterhout!! Ton & Barbara
A serious Habs fan of Gatineau , Québec, Canada
Wow, I like the look of the new web site- Kewl- Go Habs GO! Not too far off now- The big question, will it be lucky 7 in the 2009/10 season for some, and a 25th for others- ;-)
Simon of Montreal, Quebec, Canada
You and your band blew me away at the Tremblant Blues festival. You have a new fan. All the best.
Marius of Leiden, The Netherlands
Hi David, great concert at Zaandam! Thanks again for playing '300 pound shoes'. Didn't know your shoes were that expensive! ;-) Hope to see you again soon. Marius
Jonathan of Sassenheim, Netherlands
Hi David & Band, Thanks for the great gig Friday. Brilliant!
Geert of Zaandijk, The Netherlands
Great, great, great concert in the Kade Zaandam!! Hope to see you & your fantastic band soon again. Till then I'll enjoy your new CD!
Hette of Holland
Great guitarist! Very very good covers of BB King and J.Winter -- Highway 61. Great new album for 2009. You have a new fan. Keep up the good work.
Blues forever.......
Eric of Ontario, Canada
Your latest CD is excellent. Can't wait for you to come back to Ottawa again.
Karen of Saskatchewan, Canada
i missed you, and i miss you ,and i wish i could have kissed u..............now im going fishing.
Jacky of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
David, I really enjoyed your gig at the Edmonton Labatts Blues Festival last weekend. You had the place rocking and smiles were everywhere!
Geezer of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
An entertaining evening, thanks to you, young man. Keep practising and you'll do well.
Bill Fuhrer of Alberta, Canada
Great show at the Edmonton Blues Fest. Every time you play the Blues Fest, you are the best act. Looking forward to seeing you go a full night in Edmonton soon. Loved the rectal harmonica comment
Ron Boehm of Alberta, Canada
Awesome performance at the Edmonton Labatt Blues Festival! Got the CD and will listen often. Looking forward to you coming to Alberta again soon!
Lorraine of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I am sitting in the crowd now enjoying your playing. Also noting that the fans are also enjoying your performance at the Edmonton Blues fest. Just bought your Cd looking forward to hearing it.
Nita of Cassidy, British Columbia, Canada
Just saw you play tonight in Nanaimo... You are AMAZING!! Just made this girl love blues so much more!! Thanks so much!!
Elaine of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
I heard David on the radio yesterday. Beautiful. David and his brother Paul saved my life in 1977. He was only 19 and Paul was 17. I was 14. I love knowing he's making such excellent music and has so many fans. Awesome guy. Awesome music.
Ed: In 1977 David was nine!!
Steve of Cedar, British Columbia, Canada
Can hardly wait to see you tonight Mr. Gogo. The new album is excellent by the way.
Mark Scarfe of British Columbia, Canada
How proud we are to have talent like you form B.C., David. Just heard the new album and its f'n world class. I've never heard better in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you from Mark Scarfe Qualicum beach!
Personnalité gatinoise III - of Gatineau , Québec, Canada
To quote David Gogo "All hail the great Les Paul!!" In Memoriam - THE WIZARD OF WAUKESHA, LES PAUL 1915-2009. ?I have no idea why people like what it is that I do ?- the man was a genius. May he rest in peace, he was 94- He?ll be joining Bob Moog and Mary Ford now- Thanks for the memories-
Rachel of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
We saw your performance last night (Aug 3/09) at the BC days festivities. It was awsome. We loved it.
Martin of Luzern, Switzerland
Grüezi David... ich hatte das Vergnügen deinen Gig beim BlueBalls mitzuerleben. Es war eines der besten Shows vom BlueBalls 2009. Du hast einen neuen Fan in der Schweiz gewonnen. All The Bets Martin!
Don P. & The Blue Jags of Lucerne, Switzerland
Hey man, that was f...... brillant your gig at the Blue Balls, Lucerne. Thanks for the pic and talk.:-) You'll see it on my web www.donp.ch. I hope to see you soon and keep on playin' the "soul fever" as fast as you can:-))....I love that song...:-) All the very best to you!! Don
Stefan of Lucerne, Switzerland
Hey! I saw you at the Blue Balls Festival. It was a great show! You rock! Thanks =)
Smitty of Cedar, British Columbia, Canada
It will be great to see you again next month at Summertime Blues in Nanaimo. I'll be getting the new disk as some new 'Gogo' in the summer is just what the doctor ordered.
Jerry of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Hey Dave, saw you last night at the London Bluesfest...You were outstanding as usual, you should have been the headliner....
K Turk of Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada
I am hoping to get over to see you perform at the English Bay fireworks. Looking forward to catching your dulcet tones, as it has been a couple of years. I will be listening to B@RK on the 22nd July doing the same location for fireworks too. Hope to get a visit with the lads. I wish you all you need. Ciao, Karin
John Davis of Ontario, Canada
Great to hear new CD. Looking forward to having you back to Thorold, On to play Canal Bank Shuffle Blues Festival. Great accoustic set with Mr. Big at Zooma Zooma's in Jordan, On.
Durwin Boler of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
David! Wonderful performance last night. it was ultra refreshing after boring old Murray, and an excellent opener for the blues brothers. The beer bottle stunt was amusing as well. thanks a lot!
Cake of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Love the new stuff David...thanks for a great time in O-town!
Matthew of East Greenbush, New York, USA
I caught David on that "Talkin' Blues" show, and was immediately hooked. I absolutely love "Skeleton Key" DAVID, PLEASE COME TO ALBANY NY AND PLAY!!!!!!
Personnalité gatinoise II of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
After midnight at the Rainbow in the Nation?s Capital ? July 9/09 held many surprises- First the reunion of David Gogo and his excellent Ottawa based band, consisting of the regulars, Andrew Lamarche on drums, Stephen F Wood on bass and Julian St- Martin on keyboards- and a bubbly new arrival Ms. Chantal (first name) on vocals and leading the applause. The audience was treated to several ?hits? from previous CD?s and several new songs for the new CD ?Different Views ?to be release in early July 2009. A solid set and a ?special guest? appearance by the lovely Ms .Becky Abbott who sang a solo which greatly pleased the crowd of party goers! Thanks to all, love the ?Go Habs Go!? signed on the CD- mind you the young lady that requested that is indeed a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and her ?little brother ? is a Ottawa Senators fan- but Mom will get over it! (Except for Kovalev signing with the Sens, what was Bob Gainey thinking!) LOL! _The End_
Robert of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
YESSIR!! MR.GOGO was back in town ,last night at the Rainbow and it had been too long.Never misses a beat,the new songs were great and the place was .Rockin !!..Great band as usual..DON' T wait so long to come back out East,Dave....
Bruce Cochrane of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Farrah Fawcett.......Jacko...now I get it!! Great concert at Kings Head Pub, Looking forward to your return to the Peg and those hot waitresses at R&J's
Wally of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
We really enjoyed your show at the Kings Head Pub in Winnipeg last week. Just got back from The Thunder Bay Bluesfest. Everyone there wants you to come back.
Personnalité gatinoise of Gatineau , Québec, Canada
Hey, Harry Snachez for realz- of Paris, Ontario - you?re not helping the County of Brant out here, be nice, you obviously missed the ?Punch Line? oh wait that might be another story?anyways ?chill ? can?t speak for the other folks in Gatineau, but that?s my story and I sticking to it- Go Habs Go! :-)
Harry Snachez of Paris, Ontario, Canada
Are all people from Gatineau insane? For realz!!
Mitch of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
hey! u told me to sign the guest book so i did! lol. U totally ROCKED the Saskatoon jazz Fest...it was amazing! bought a cd but couldent stay to get it signed :( but anyways kick ass tunes and unbelievable live show! !,,!(-_-)!,,!
The Other Georgena- of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Where the Devil Won't Go, not bad- I like. Can't wait to hear the rest of the CD- Buffalo made me think of Sabres and wings oddly enough- Salut!
Len Boser of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
GREAT CD. I HAVE PHOTOS IF U WANT THEM. thanks for the great music. len linda saskatoon
Beauty Queen of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
really fabulous styling for your new cd! fueled by very good champagne and excellent food!!! love the blues! bq
Mike Power of Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Hey great show last night at the "king's Head" Thanks forsigning my disc Mike Power P.S. Go Flyers and Go Habs Too
R Burke of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Great show @ the Kings Head in Winnipeg last nite. Thanks for signing my CD. Please come back soon.
Mike Lipinsky of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Hey david thanks for signing a cd for me , i was unable to attend your show in winnipeg on july 1st because i'm 16, but a few members of my family did, they said you did some killer axe slinging mike lipinsky
Scott Riddell of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The gig in Duncan rocked!!!! The new tunes were great!! Thanks for the pics and the autographs, we'll see ya in August. Stay groovy, lol
Coach of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
David Gogo!-In Bob we trust!!!! No longer will Habs fans "jiggy" with Higgy! First we get " Jack" and Captain Kirk remains now this after the 2009 ( oh hum...Draft) oh la la...is Chris Neil on the Habs radar... no matter," Le Canadien " is always present- in the Nation's Capital- Bonne Fête du Canada/ Happy Canada Day everyone!
Scott Riddell of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Hey Dave!!!!!!!!! It's been way too long. Steve and I haven't seen you since the first night of the Acoustic launch at Gibson Aud. here in Vic. You've been a busy boy! We're making the drive to Duncan to catch you sunday night. See ya then! Scott
Victor Griffiths (Malbec) of Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada
David, I am going to The Yale for your next weekend concert. I'll be leaving to Argentina the following week. If you have T-shirts with your logo or any memorabilia for sale I would appreciate if you bring some because i would like to take a gift for my friend (Hoaratio) who is crazy about you music. Thanks and see you next weekend, Victor
Nadia of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
When are you coming back to Toronto? It's been far too long since you've graced our ears with your presence....please get here soon !!!
Zak of Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Dave,WTF? just sitting here with a cold beer and listening to acoustic cd and thinking...it ihas been 2 years since that little acoustic set at the restaurant in Port Credit,way too long dude,get your ass back to the Toronto area...Dawn says HI!...Your Pal Zak..
Linda Sparks- Habs fan of Gatineau, Québec, Canada
Hé beau Mec! English Breakfast tea!? Aren't you " Le Canadien" - merde! I should have consulted the road notes, non? ;-) Looking forward to hearing the new CD- thanks for up dating the road notes-
Suren Y. of Santa Monica, California, USA
You make my ears HAPPY. And my soul FULL. All guitars are made of wood and steel but it takes a human being to give it SOUL and LIFE...... BIG THANK YOU CBC
ROBERT of Gatineau, Canada
DAVID,you are a true Crusader,not only in a musical context ,but a supporter of the basic values of the people,Historically and culturally speaking.

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